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Who We Are

Investing In Your Life Story.

John Ricci is the founder and CEO of Great Beyond Adventures. He has collected adventure stories in 60 countries and counting.

Great Beyond
Adventures is investing in travel experiences that contribute to the quality and excitement of your life story. Our job is to make sure you can tell your grandkids about that time you took a helicopter into Siberia to raft an otherwise unreachable river, or the time you saw polar bears and narwhals in the Arctic Circle. Or perhaps you'll tell them the story of your safari in Tanzania- to two of the least visited parks (Mahale and Katavi) where you sat on the forest floor with baboons in your own private Serengeti.  These are the things that make our lives read like books rather than spreadsheets.


Where We Go

Accommodations Are Part Of the Adventure!

Great Beyond endeavors to provide the most luxurious and authentic lodgings available, so your adventure doesn’t stop at the end of your Kilimanjaro climb or your dive under Arctic base camp. From the iconic Serena lodges in the Serengeti to the private homes of your Indian guides, collapsing into bed just might rival the best part of your day. 


Work with us to specially design your perfect adventure!

As you help us customize your adventure, we will do all we can to work within your budget and realize your wishes. By working together you become part of the Great Beyond Adventures family- and we take care of our own!
What We Do

Your Adventure Makes Our Projects Possible.

What happens when you follow the money trail? Good question, and we won’t make you hunt for that trail. All of our trips have a “give-back” component. We believe an integral part of having an adventure like this is knowing you did your part to make the world a better place. Whether it’s building a school, providing textbooks, cleaning up a tourist site, taking care of orphans, offering business classes or distributing medical supplies, we put your money where our mouth is. This is travel that is worth bragging about.

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