Tracing Shackleton’s Footsteps
Tracing Shackleton’s Footsteps
18 days / October - November

This is a full-on Expedition (prior experience is suggested)

Pricing is based on group size and seasonality, please check with us to secure the best pricing.

• Follow in the footsteps of Shackleton with a small group of intrepid skiers. Cross South Georgia Island on an unsupported ski trek, pulling sledges through Alpine passes and stunning glaciers. 

• Soak up the harsh and breathtaking beauty of the South Atlantic Ocean and its abundance of wildlife, including abundant flocks of Antarctic birds like albatrosses, shearwaters, petrels, prions and skuas. 

• At Salisbury Plain, we’ll get a rare glimpse at world’s second-largest King Penguin colony as well as herds of elephant seals.

Start Map
In the afternoon, we embark in Montevideo. We set sail to South Georgia.

Day 2 – 5: AT SEA
At sea, across the Southern Atlantic Ocean, in the Westerlies the ship is followed by several species of albatrosses, storm petrels, shearwaters and diving petrels. At sea, on our way to South Georgia, we will cross the Antarctic Convergence. Entering Antarctic waters, the temperature will drop as much as 10 degrees C in the time span of only a few hours. Near the Convergence we will see a multitude of southern seabirds near the ship; several species of albatrosses, shearwaters, petrels, prions and skuas. 

As a part of a small group of 12 ski explorers and 2-3 mountain guides, you will attempt to traverse on an unsupported and self supplied trek across the island with skis (or snowshoes) hauling pulkas (sledges). We will cover a total distance of 40 – 50 km, retracing sections of the historic Shackleton route (which he covered in 36 hours). On arrival day at King Haakon Bay, the expedition members will spend a night close to the shore preparing for the crossing. The expedition will then embark on their trek across alpine passes and glaciers aiming for reunion with the ship at Stromness Bay. 

In Stromness, with all passengers onboard the ship will then set sail to Fortuna Bay to anchor for the night. The beaches are inhabited by King Penguins and seals. We might even see reindeer! At Grytviken we will also see an abandoned whaling village, where King Penguins now walk in the streets and seals have taken over the buildings. At Grytviken we’ll also offer a visit to the Whaling History Museum as well as to Shackleton’s grave nearby. One of the final highlights might be our visit to Prion Island, where we will witness the breeding efforts of the huge Wandering Albatross and enjoy watching their displays. At Salisbury Plain, the second largest King Penguin colony at South Georgia, we will also see elephant seals. The voyage around South Georgia ends at the bay of Elsehul, with its very active fur seal breeding beach. From there we take course to Ushuaia, South America.


We arrive in the morning in Ushuaia and disembark.
• Our guides receive extensive training about topics such as botany and so are able to make our guests aware of interesting flora and fauna.

• We also encourage our guides to avoid careless off road driving or hiking and we ask that our guests respect the same.

• We provide fair wages, a dedication to training, and a career path for all employees, casual or full time.
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