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About Great Beyond Adventures

Great Beyond Adventures provides unique small-group travel experiences. We combine adventures, education, and culture into unique adventure travel packages that inflict a minimal impact on the environment and on the cultures we visit. We take great pride in our attention to detail and our customer service, and we are constantly monitoring our progress to improve your experience. We want to know: What’s your adventure?

Our Staff
Wandrian Adventures staff members live and breathe adventure. They've been mentioned in newspapers for their Ironman Triathlon finishes (one is a four-time finisher), in Outside Magazine for their heroics (he faced down a gun-wielding tribe in Ethiopia), and one has traveled to 44 countries (and counting)! They're also part of the Who’s Who in Business. Our guides are experts who have been carefully vetted and chosen based on a strenuous process that ensures professionalism, safety, awareness and risk management. Above all, they are genuine in their approach to you and the cultures and environments they explore.

Our Partners
Our partners all have one thing in common with each other and with Wandrian Adventures – they care for the environment and are doing all they can to keep it safe and open for adventures. Please visit our partners to learn more about how each of them is doing more than their share to help all of us keep the Earth on a sustainable path.

Our Dream, Your Adventure
When we were kids, we dreamed about going to far-off places. At Wandrian Adventures those dreams continue, and the adventures really happen! We want you to be part of our dream- and we want to be part of your adventure!

Our dream is to be a company that provides adventures for all; a company focused on sustainable tourism, adventeering, and positive values. We ensure that the ecosystems and cultures we visit can continue to be enjoyed by all.

Reach Out
What do you consider an adventure? Is it something impossible? Something that can't be done? Are you unsure how you could ever find your way across a desert, an ocean, a rainforest, or to the top of a mountain?

Wandrian Adventures is here to help you make these dreams into realities. We want you to reach out and tell us what you want your next adventure to be. Chances are, we've been there and done that. We might even have a t-shirt, bar coaster, book of matches, rock, scar or souvenir to prove it.  We would like nothing more than to return with you as our guest. We just need you to tell us where, when, and how long you want to stay. Go ahead. Tell us your dreams. We’re here for you.

Our Forms
  • Adventure Application – To be filled out when you have chosen an adventure
  • Information Attachment A – This allows us to know more about you (diet, past times etc.)
  • Agreement Attachment B – This is our release form and provides a contact for our staff while you are overseas
  • Booking Procedures – This is a generic check list so you are up to date while the planning is going on
  • Medical History – We ask that you fill this out, so we are all on the same page with any and all existing conditions that could affect your enjoyment on your adventure
  • Terms and Conditions – Self Explanatory and a must read for all adventurers